Enable Cheats On A Bedrock Server

Find out how to enable cheats on your dedicated Bedrock server with SeekaHost using multicraft.  

What Are Cheats In Minecraft?

Cheats are what commands are referred too. In minecraft once you enable cheats on your server or single player it allows you to use a number of commands that Minecraft has for the game. This includes changing your game mode to creative or adventure. Giving your player items summoning entities. Commands allow you to fill huge spaces with blocks or change some of the game mechanics accordingly. You can even create your own commands to use in game using multicraft. How ever they are usually disabled and even if your an admin on a server you will still need to have cheats enabled for them to work on your Bedrock server.

How To Enable or Disable Cheats On a Bedrock Server

  1. Stop your server from the dashboard.
  2. Go to Files > Config Files
  3. Select Server Settings
  4. Scroll down until you see allow-cheats and using the drop down menu choose whether to enable or disable the cheats on your Bedrock server. Then click on save below.
  5. You can now start your server and cheats are enabled, but you can use them unless you are a server operator.

To make your self or a player a server operator, they must be logged in the server and you have to go to your console from your dashboard and type: op playername So if your player name is bob123 you type: op bob123 You can now run commands in game by pressing “/” and then typing the command into chat.


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