Earn Money Through Your Affiliate Code

What Are Affiliate Codes? These are links provided from your client area, the links simply links to our hosting packages page with an identifier of who sent the visitor there. Meaning that by sharing your affiliate code we can track who comes and buys a server from the link, and we can pay you a percentage of the first sale to say thank you for ...

Bedrock Updated To 1.19.1

Bedrock is Updated

Anyone using Bedrock edition can now restart their server to update their server to 1.19.1.

Once restarted this will automatically update and no other steps are required.

And if you need any other support please send us a ticket through your client area.

The SeekaHost Team

Congratulations Jdog!

Winner Winner!

One of our team has finally hit 1000 subs on his channel!

As discussed in the video, here at SeekaHost will also be providing a server as a prize for 6 months to the lucky winner!

So if you have left a comment then we wish you luck! 

Stay tuned to find out who won!

Bedrock 1.19.1

Bedrock 1.19.1 Update Are you getting the "Outdated Client" message?With a new update to Bedrock comes another update from us.We are aware and are currently updating the server to match. Updates can take up to 24 hours but usually are done much faster depending on your location.Once updated you don't need to change your jar type. Simply restart ...