Minecraft with RTX | Official Full Game Release Trailer

Minecraft with RTX

New Update Minecraft Server Hosting Plans

The new updated Minecraft Server Hosting Plans went live on https://www.seekahost.com/minecraft-server-hosting/ with the best options and all our packages are supporting mods.  We want to make sure all the Minecraft server hosting users get the best specs to grow their community with high-performance servers.  If you can not find the ideal ...

Demo Minecraft Server (demo.seekahost.co) Updated to the latest version

We have updated the demo Minecraft server (demo.seekahost.co) to the latest version of Minecraft so you can stay playing for free online. 

If you want to learn how to set up your own Minecraft Server in minutes watch the video tutorial done by Evan. 

Learn how to make Minecraft mods

Now you can learn how to code your own Minecraft Mods with https://codekingdoms.com/ We are happy to announce that you and your kids can now get started coding your own Mods and big thank for Code Kingdoms from all the SeekaHoters. So why are you waiting? - Get your own servers and start building and become a coding pro online with Code ...