Demo Minecraft Server ( Updated to the latest version

We have updated the demo Minecraft server ( to the latest version of Minecraft so you can stay playing for free online. 

If you want to learn how to set up your own Minecraft Server in minutes watch the video tutorial done by Evan. 

Learn how to make Minecraft mods

Now you can learn how to code your own Minecraft Mods with We are happy to announce that you and your kids can now get started coding your own Mods and big thank for Code Kingdoms from all the SeekaHoters. So why are you waiting? - Get your own servers and start building and become a coding pro online with Code ...

Know about the Minecraft Earth (Mobs in the Park)

It's out for some time now but we want to share the news about the Minecraft Earth (Mobs in the Park) from the Minecraft channel.

Want to start playing Minecraft online free? 

Get started and play Minecraft online free at game servers. 

Meet a Minecrafter Autcraft

We found the news on official Minecraft youtube channel about Autcraft who is a Minecrafter. 

Watch it and share the story with the community. 

Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update

Minecraft 1.17 cave update is hitting the market soon. 

This is a video is by xisumavoid explain the Caves & Cliffs Update.

Minecraft: The Best video game to play during lockdowns in the UK

The demand for the Minecraft game has risen drastically during the lockdown and we can see many are starting to buy their own game servers at SeekaHost.  And the latest Minecraft news shows that Minecraft is one of the best video games to play during the lockdowns. Source.  At SeekaHost we have published the updated guide on how to play ...

Free To Play Minecraft online on SeekaHost Gamer Servers

To play Minecraft online for free with multiple players, please visit the and follow the instructions. You can watch the simple instructions shown on the below videos. It only takes less than a minute the SeekaHost Minecraft server and play online for free. Once you have played the game you can ...